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Gefitinib ( Iressa 250 mg ) 易瑞沙吉非替尼片

Gefitinib is an anti-tumor drug used in the treatment of lung cancer and certain other cancers as well which are caused due to mutation in EGFR tyrosine kinase domain. This drug inhibits EFGR tyrosine kinase enzyme that inhibits cell proliferation and stop cancer cells to metastasize (spread) throughout the body. However, this drug is limited to the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer that has not responded to traditional treatment. In these patients it can be used as monotherapy, meaning the sole cancer treatment.

Brand Names of Gefitinib 250 mg

  • Gefitinib - trade name Iressa 250mg manufactured by Astrazeneca
  • Gefitinib is a generic name for various brands like:
  • Geftinat 250mg – manufactured by Natco pharma India
  • Gefticip 250mg – manufactured by Cipla
  • Geftib 250mg – manufactured by Glenmark (onkos)
  • Geffy 250mg – manufactured by Intas pharmaceuticals

Uses n Doses of  Gefitinib 250 mg Tablets

Gefitinib tablets (250 mg) are taken orally once a day. It can be taken up empty stomach or after meals. Dose is same for men and women of any age. It should be taken at the same time daily. If a dose is missed do not take a double dose to make up for a missed one.

Over dosage Of Iressa 250 mg

Recommended dose is 250mg but its overdose can cause severe medical implications. Seek medical attention in case of an emergency if you seek overdose.

 Side Effects of Gefitinib iressa Tablets

Certain side effects have been reported by patients taking gefitinib like acne, nausea, fatigue, and weight loss, rash, itching.
Consult your physician if you notice some serious side effects like
Blood in urine (hematuria),
Blood in stool,
Difficulty in breathing

Precautions to be followed Of Gefitinib

Tell your doctor if you are under any medication, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, if you are allergic to any medicine, so that doctor can make your dose adjustments accordingly.